DCEventPhoto Provides the Highest Quality at a Great Rate !!

DCEventPhoto Provides the Highest Quality at a Great Rate !!

Starbucks started a phenomenon in the United States back in 1971.  They found a way to get Americans to drink more coffee and pay a premium price.  So what if you could buy the same drink but pay less ?  Would you buy ?

Buyers of photography services over the years have been hoodwinked into believing that high quality meeting/event coverage costs more than they have in their budget. This premise isn’t true and small independent studios like DCEventPhoto provide depth of experience and quality in the coverage not often found in today’s marketplace at an affordable rate. The large national photography booking agencies don’t have the ability to maintain quality.

Here’s why clients hire Ben Zweig (Principal Photographer)

Ben’s discriminating eye and craftsmanship in using a camera has been honed and perfected over 25 years. As a native Washingtonian, Ben has been hired to photograph events  in many of DC’s most prestigious venues and private clubs. His coverage of  legislative and governmental meetings, trade association and non-profit policy conferences is detail-oriented and thoughtful.  He always asks his clients what’s important to them. It’s a team effort between Ben and his clients

Here’s a comment we received just yesterday from a prospective client who we haven’t even worked with.

“Your work is fantastic!”

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for your next meeting or event.  We will work with you !!


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